Michael Moore’s secret reviews: the robots

A friend told me the robots would replace us in the future. Allow me to disagree with this. How can a robot do what I do ? Can a robot live in a bear fur for three years in the Rocky Mountains to look like he does not need society but society needs him ?

01 robots

Can the robot with its hands tied back to kill a bear just looking in its eyes and thus convincing it that if it suicides it will have a milder end ? Can a robot get the honey needed by swallowing a whole hive ? Nor can I do anything of all this, but at least people think I can.

Robots will not replace me, but I shall replace them. Look at me. Everything a robot does I can do too. The apparent lack of human feelings ? I’m a specialist. Metal grin ? That’s what characterizes me. I look forward to robots to have consciousness, that they kill all people, make their own civilization, set up televisions where I will be permanently invited to rob the jobs of poorly learned robots.

One thing the robots can do and I can’t: the robot dance. If people had a good reason to make robots, then it is. This dance doesn’t work well for me. People always have laughed at me when I tired to perform this dance at parties.

However, here is the superiority of human being. Some people can imitate robot dancing even if they do it imperfectly, but show me that robot who performs the dance of man at parties without people saying he is a fool… and send him to comment on gardening and documentary films.

SOURCE: Catavencii  – adapted


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