An American has completely moved to the virtual currency: in his wallet he has only imaginary money

The mirage of crypto-coins has irremediably attracted the American Bruce Lewis from Ohio. After a few skilful maneuvers he managed to move totally into virtual money, account and wallet.

virtual currency

After a contradictory discussion with his boss, Bruce now receives his salary in the virtual currency and his boss tells him from time to time how much Bruce’s imaginary salary has increased.

The boss was glad of what Bruce told him and he tried to pay virtual currency to all his employees, but only Bruce accepted because he is “the smartest of the company”, as the boss said.

“I feel like in Matrix. I see those around me how they gather dollars. They are blind, they live in a hysteria of classical coins that will soon disappear. I show the my empty wallet and tell them that this is the future. Nobody listens to me, they are all poor without financial intelligence”, said Bruce.

Unfortunately, human society isn’t ready for Bruce’s imaginary money and foolish waiters still ask for dollars for beer when he goes to the restaurant, although Bruce for a long time explains to them how rich he is in imaginary money.

Bruce strongly promotes imaginary money and he even offers cripto-money gifts to his dear ones, but they are all reluctant to progress.



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