Sean Hannity – Billionaire after he discovered oil in the gunk underneath his fingernails

No one expected that when Sean Hannity, the famous Fox News journalist, was in a mad acces and he tried to cut his fingernails. His wife looked at him indifferently believing that it was still a new thing that her conservative husband wanted to try.

fox news alert

But as soon as the blade touched the ground beneath his fingernails the oil jumped to the four winds and smeared those present besides him, and the apartment was submerged in a stincky dirt.

“We are rich ! We are rich !”, Sean cried as he ran to bring a bucket. “I don’t have to go to Fox News anymore ! Or I gonna go there only for my pleasure to remind people of the sneaky Sean…”, the conservative continued to shout, being in ecstasy. “Or maybe I pay someone who’s as unlikabile as me to go for me”, Sean said while he was trying to spit out of his mouth the running oil.

While we are writing this news, Sean Hannity walks through New York city center, he was dressed in Arab costume and trying to offer very advantageous contracts to the gas stations.

Withesses say that he managed to sell gasoline only to a few garbae trucks which – what a coincidence ! – were passing by.

SOURCE: Catavencii– adapted


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