Mike Pence saves the world

Do you think Mike Pence is dunderhead ? You always think of him involved in sex scandals like Hollywood, but with sheep – like Don Quixote ? Finish ! What would you do without him if…


1. Aliens land on a cornfield in Ohio and ask the natives to connect them with the most powerful man of the planet – and peasants bring Mike Pence.

The meeting takes place in a studio of Fox News and is performed by Sean Hannity. Each guest has a bottle of wisky and mineral water. The sound background is provided by Kid Rock and Loretta Lynn.

In the middle of the event, Hobo Bobo Gyx, the ambassador of the aliens, overthrows the tables and kidnaps Mike Pence, then runs with him to the space ship where the aliens torture him for four hours to uncover the secrets of mankind. Mike Pence tells them that the sheep crossed the history of mankind like a red thread.

After interrogation aliens understand  that the sheep is the most intelligent being and decide to leave humanity in peace, but they kidnap all the sheep.

2. The clandestine network of informant sheep of the Republicans announces Mike Pence via Lady Sheep secret agent that a Mexican shepherd’s agency wanted to kill Hillary Clinton.

Mike Pence enters a crazy action plot in the basement of the Vatican, profesional assassins in the streets of Rome, and hot passions with Lady Sheep in a hotel room in Monte Carlo.

After a spectacular overturning of the situation, Lady Sheep is revealed as an Russian agent and Mike Pence is locked in an old Soviet submarine and left to die under an Antartic glacier.

Everything seems lost to Hillary Clinton until last moment when Mike Pence appears out of nowhere and kills all the plotters by hitting them with penguin degraded eggs.

Happy End

SOURCE: Catavencii – adapted


  1. It sounds like you have a lot of love and affection for this “Mike Pence.” Nestled safely away in Canada, I could not possibly understand for your hardships.

    Liked by 1 person

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